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Coilover Kit FAQ
1. Does XYZ coilovers have any warranty?
  All XYZ coilovers have one year limited warranty. Any defective strut will be replaced with new one so you do not have to send it back to the manufacturer to be rebuilt to save your valuable time. This warranty is one of our products features (Rally Gravel coilover kit is not subject to this clause).
2. How much of the mount do I need to leave threaded on the shock body to be safe when adjusting the lower mount?
  McPherson type: 45m/m, Double-Wishbone type: 30m/m
3. Do all applications have pillow ball upper mount? And camber adjustability?
  All applications come with pillow ball mounts on both fronts and rears, and McPherson strut has camber adjustability.
4. How much can I drop my car with XYZ coilovers?
  In general, the vehicle ride height can be dropped around 120mm for most applications, and the highest setting is same as OE vehicle ride height.
5. Is XYZ shock monotube or twin-tube design?
  XYZ is monotube design which eliminates cavitation, has ability to dissipate heat, allows for larger internal working area, eliminate lag. In addition, this design enables coilovers to have a variety of responses to different road conditions.
6. What is inverted tube (upside-down) shock absorbers? What’s its feature?
  The design of inverted tube is exactly opposite to the standard shock absorbers. The shock body is close to top mount, and strut is close to suspension assembly. Inverted tube is specifically designed for McPherson shock absorbers. The principle of inverted tube is to reduce unsprung weight (the total weight of the vehicle is not supported by the suspension system). Due to thickness of the strut cylinder being stronger, the inverted tube can bring more excellent stability, durability; in addition, it can withstand high impact forces and quickly response to variations in road conditions.
7. What is the difference between Rally Asphalt and Track Racing coilovers?
  Basically, the look of Rally Asphalt and Track Racing coilovers is identical. The length of spring on Track Racing kit is between 160m/m to 180m/m while that on Rally Asphalt kit is 180m/m to 205m/m. The compression damping on Rally Asphalt coilovers is softer but rebound damping is stiffer because asphalt road is not as flat as racing track; besides it has rough road condition like pits or holes so that’s why the damping setup is softer to prevent a vehicle from being too bouncy and being out of control. The compression damping on Track Racing coilovers is stiffer because there is neither hole nor pit on track; besides it requires fast speed for track racing so that’s why the damping setup is stiffer to prevent a vehicle from leaning over.
8. What’s the difference between Asphalt Rally coilovers and Gravel Rally coilovers?
  Asphalt Rally Gravel Rally
Shock stroke 90m/m – 120m/m(depending on applications) 130m/m – 160m/m (depending on applications)
Spring length 180m/m – 205m/m 235m/m – 300m/m
9. Should the dampening setting of left and right shocks be the same?
  Yes, the dampening force of left and right shocks should be identical, otherwise it would cause unstable handling and uneven tyre thread wear. However, the dampening force of front and rear shocks can not be always the same depending on different requirements.

 Can I use spring seat to adjust vehicle ride height?

  Most of vehicle applications come with adjustable lower mount. Thread the lower mount upwards in order to drop the vehicle ride height, or downwards to raise the ride height. We do not recommend adjusting position of the spring seat to change the spring tension to lower the vehicle.
11. Do you have sole (Exclusive) agent in Russia?
  Yes, please contact our sole agent http://xyz-racing.ru/ , info@xyz-racing.ru directly. Thank you for your attention!
Brake System Kit FAQ
1. Does XYZ brake kit have any warranty?
  XYZ caliper has one year limited warranty.
2. What’s the difference between Sport pads and race pads?
  Material, friction, brake force and working temperature are different.
3. Is your caliper CNC machined or cast? Do they work with ABS?
  Our caliper is forged with finest aluminum material, than we CNC machine bolt holes precisely. They can work with ABS.
4. If my brake pads are worn out, can I use other brands to fit on your brake system kit?
  Yes, you can purchase the brake pads from the following well-know brands like AP, FERODO, EBC, HAWK … etc to fit on our big brake kit.
5. If I want to install XYZ big brake kit, is any modification on my car required?
  With our design, you can just install XYZ big brake kit on your car without any modifications. However, in some rare occasions, the modifications are required to fit our big brake kit.
6. What direction do the rotors go on the vehicle?
  The right picture shows you what direction the rotors go on the vehicle.xyz brakes
7. I am afraid XYZ 6 pot caliper can not fit on my vehicle?
  The specification of XYZ 6 pot caliper is same as that of AP 4 pot caliper. But its width is slimmer than width of AP 4 pot caliper, the edge of our caliper does not touch the rim as far as possible.
8. What pads do fit in XYZ front and rear calipers
  The specification of XYZ 6 pot caliper is same as that of AP 4 pot caliper. But its width is slimmer than width of AP 4 pot caliper, the edge of our caliper does not touch the rim as far as possible.
Front brake pads:
xyz brake kit
Rear brake pads:
xyz racing
9. Does XYZ brake kit can fit stock wheel?
  Whether XYZ brake kit fits a stock wheel depends on applications. But our 330m/m rotor requires a minimum 17” wheel size, and our 355m/m requires a minimum 18” wheel size.
10. When do I change the brake rotors?

Check regularly for any cracks, deformation or warping and if so, relace it immediately. Rotors should be replaced if any faults are discovered or if the rotor has worn below the minimum thickness of 1.0mm.